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1 in 2 Million -Blue Lobster Serving Tray

1 in 2 Million -Blue Lobster Serving Tray


Blue lobsters are rare and unique, 1 in 2 million lobsters are blue and when one is found it makes national news. Your person, your blue lobster, your rare find is celebrated in this way through this series. Whether you simply love blue lobsters, or want to give one to someone who is a blue lobster in your life; this unique series captures the special love we have for those rare finds.

The blue lobster series is a lesson in chemistry. It is made of only two colors of glass, turquoise and French vanilla, which chemically react creating a range of colors from tan to olive green. The reaction happens when the Sulphur in the French vanilla and the copper in the turquoise glass meet, making no two pieces alike. Once the base color of sheet of glass with the reaction is created, I add a layer of clear sheet glass as a buffer, so that I am able to add the blue lobster on the surface without it reacting and turning brown. The blue Lobster is hand applied using powered and crushed glass and then the entire piece is returned to the kiln for another firing. After this second firing, the piece is cold-worked on a grinder to smooth the edges and then it is fired one last time to add a smooth shiny finish.

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