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Coral Sand Dollar

Coral Sand Dollar


Sand Dollar Coral Bowl

This stunning coral bowl form was handcrafted using multiple layers of green and blue glass ranging from a deep royal blue to a jewel green. It has a shallow bowl shape with undulating edges and is a wonderful statement piece. This sculptural piece can sit on a surface or be hung on a wall alone or as a grouping.

Dimensions: 10 1/2" x 2”

This coral technique involves an extensive process of layering, firing and grinding the glass structure to reveal the negative space-or holes- that creates the unique one-of-a-kind designs in each piece. Each piece undergoes 3-5 firing cycles in the kiln that take up to 24 hours each and reach up 1385 degrees. The colors on the back, or outer edge, of each piece are chosen first for their quality to highlight the colors that are blended and layered on top of them. You can see these colors as they outline the edge of each cut in the design. Some colors of glass are more complicated to work with or are more expensive. For instance purple glass has gold in it, also many blues have copper in them and therefore are more costly. The most expensive colors are those that contain red and purple; the least expensive are clear and white.


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